Thursday, April 15, 2010

Budapest, Hungary (28th Dec to 11th Jan 2010)

“Terms of cultural engagement, whether antagonistic or affiliative, are produced performatively. The representation of difference must not be hastily read as the reflection of pre-given ethnic or cultural traits set in the fixed tablet of tradition. The social articulation of difference, from the minority perspective, is a complex, on-going negotiation that seeks to authorize cultural hybridities that emerge in moments of historical transformation.”
Homi K. Bhabha: the Liminal Negotiation of Cultural Difference.
Photography of the details by Neil Chowdhury
Evolution of Budapest-II, 2010, 24X32cms, Collage


Evolution of Budapest-I, 2010, 24X32 cms, Collage.


Some Work in process.......... Gouache on Paper. 24X32 cms.

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