Friday, December 11, 2009

Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, MS University

December 7th to 14th, 2009
'Devolution #3', Live Performance, Faculty of Fine Arts, M S University, Baroda.
Duration: 20 min.
Devolution # 3 examines and attempts to conceptualise the idea of consciousness about our life in general. Science, technology, religion and philosophy are identified as elements affecting the process of evolution. I believe that this process of evolution sometimes needs a force that could allow us either to enhance it or to resist it to analyse and realise its potential to generate some meta-narratives within this process.
Faculty Students participated (responded positively for which I am thankful to) in this collective project by contributing their ideas of our 21st century human race. Reflection tags were tied to the project as comments, reactions and responses to reinforce the good thoughts and intentions. The act of circumbulating the Banyan tree with a red thread is an act intended to evoke good will energies and vibrations for the sake of spiritual human devolution. This act has connotations to India rituals (particularly for married women) which are a part of its tradition and culture. This is still practiced (21st C) in some parts of traditional India.

"De-mark' :Installation, Faculty of Fine Art Gallery, M S University, Baroda, India.

11th Dec 2009. Gallery dimension: 40x40X10 mtrs. material used: 2chairs, one table with white cotton cloth. the entrance to the gallery was blocked with a transparent plastic sheet on which my statement is printed.

The politics of space defined by the rules of ‘power’ become operational in territorializing places; assigning them with the status that befits those who dominate, as a race, gender or culture. Spaces are assigned with an intrinsic material value that defined the human existential dogma. It has always played a dominating role in locating, disseminating, addressing and percolating issues relating to invasions, occupations and settlements. This has inevitably evoked a sense of distance-proximity and familiar-alienation, demarcating the spaces into places with imaginary boarders and boundaries that are at times political and extraneous to the human existential needs for life.

December 7th to 14th

9th December, 2.00 pm Lecture on Performance Art-Western Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda.

10th December, 11.00 am, 'Devolution#1' -Live Art,Fine Art Faculty Banyan Tree, MSU, Baroda.

11th December, 11.00 am- 'De-Mark', Installation, FFA Gallery, M S University, Baroda.

12th December, 10.00 am, slide/lecture Presentation on 'Drawing', Dept.Painting, FFA, Baroda.


  1. Sudhir it looks like you are all having a wow time. Bron

  2. All your works are great!!! Your Hungarian residency works will be exhibited at Jokai Club, Budapest in August 2010, also organizing 3 other HMC exhibits...
    It is a great idea to use the blog, and will try to be active on it. Beata